I'm so glad you're here & I am incredibly honored that you want to learn more...

I know finding the perfect photographer is important for you and for me finding the perfect client is also! When our visions & personalities align the results are MAGIC! I love working with clients that enjoy the outdoors and who find themselves exploring life off the beaten path. Some of my best images are the result of my clients willingness to let go and enjoy the moment. I can't say "Thank You!" enough for them putting their trust in me!

Capturing the small details, scenery, & your style helps me create a story that is timeless & authentic to you. A mixture of film & digital photography helps me accomplish this with a fine art aesthetic. My goal is that these images will be ones that are cherished forever by you and your family. After all these will be the first heirlooms you pass down to your family!

I can't wait to learn more about you! Write me & let's talk about your vision, your adventures, and your wedding day dreams!

I am Faith Allen the creative behind Fallen Photography.
I am a Florida transplant now residing in beautiful Sweet Home Alabama.
I am an explorer by nature & because of this I jump at the opportunity to travel to new places.... and often! I enjoy early mornings; the light is quite breathtaking. My husband, Sean, is my partner in crime and has been since we were teenagers. We welcomed our first little guy, Oliver in July and what a life changer that has been! His whole mouth smiles and drooling kisses make my day! I am also a fur parent to, now, three precious pups, Keena, Bailey, & Harley. I am a big dreamer & a whole-hearted believer in living in the moment & enjoying the simple things in life!